Do your employees and customers use the same bathrooms?

High Nightwing

Are you asking about the situation in a DELCO or a sit down operation?

For about 30 Years we have set up DELCOS with only a (bathroom) in the rear of the building, not available to customers.

As regards a sit down operation thy were always required to provide sanitary facilities for customers. In some small operations the sanitary facility could be unisex.

As of recently there is a tendency for jurisdictions to require a unisex facility up front in a DELCO and both Male and female facilities in sit down operations whatever the seating capacity of the operation. Most often a seperate facility is required for the workers.

There appear to be a tendency for jurisdictions nationwide to raise the bar of regulations to the average pizza to such an extent that many cannot afford to enter the field.

George Mills

well it will be basically a delco with maybe 10 booths.

Are you talking about what is legally acceptable or what will be accepted by your customers…Some customers will not want to use the same bathroom as your staff…Can you afford to lose these customers?..If not, you may have to do more than the legal standard…

I would definitely advise against a shared bathroom if you were a dine-in operation. We had to have it shared, and I hate seeing my employees walking out of the bathroom and through the dining room in their uniforms. There’s no way I would do that again; not being able to have a separate employee washroom would be a deal breaker on any new space.

I think you can get away with a shared bathroom for a DELCO. I’m sure it will be more of an employee bathroom that customers may use. Just check it hourly and make sure it’s clean.

And even if your city lets you go with a unisex bathroom I would highly recommend against it. That’s a big turn-off for women, and mom is usually the decision maker on where the family spends their money. I know my wife would never go back to a restaurant that didn’t have a very clean bathroom.

Without being too graphic here… it seems like most of our male patrons have no ability to aim. You really don’t want your female customers to be using that same bathroom.

Rule here is:

No seating: One unisex bathroom for employees.

Up to 10 seats: At least one unisex bathroom for customers. Don’t need separate employee bathroom but I would.

10 seats: Separate male and female customer bathrooms.

Then there after you have more than something like 50 seats you have to add stalls, etc.

Hi knight wing:
You state.
Re: Bathrooms
well it will be basically a delco with maybe 10 booths

With that amount of seating you probably will be required to have Male and female units plus an employee unit.

The minimum requirement will be specified by your building department. You can do more but not less.

George mills

It is probably up to your local health department what you legally have to have. Here, you have to have a public restroom only if you have over 19 seats. It does not need to be separate from employee bathroom and no m/f. All you need is 1. There are no other requirements for having more bathrooms based on seating. If there is less than 20, only an employee accessible bathroom is required. Check with your health dept., I bet they can answer your questions.

Actually, it is usually up to the city code department. They decide how many restrooms they want you to have.

Our local health dept has a max of 19 for no patron bathroom

The catch is that the building dept has their own code which overrides the health dept.

they are different is b/c each town can choose how they want it…my town goes with 19 also…

i would think that 10 booths is 40 seats? maybe some two tops?..i think ur looking at mens and womens handicapped accesable