Beating a Dead Horse...on Ridiculous

I appreciate all the comments on whether or not I am being ridiculous. I have thought and thought all week about what has been going on, why it is going on and what I can do to change the situation.

My husband has listened day after day as I continue to go off about stuff. Poor guy! But when we were talking yesterday I came to some new conclusions and want your input.

First off, when we promoted him I worked side by side with him for months. There was so much to learn he learned quick and was having huge victories. The closer we got to opening the 2nd store he was kinda left on his own. He has to work a minimum of 48 hours a week. 6 days a week. Mon - Friday 4-close and a double on Saturday. Every Saturday. He has had maybe 6 “other days” off during the past year.

I come to the conclusion he is burnt out. I think in the beginining the money and the “position” motivated him, and now he is struggling because I would imagine time off is what he would rather have. I am not real sure what would motivate him. I am going to ask.

His year is in 2 weeks and we will be having an annual review. He will get a weeks vacation and a raise. I was thinking about having him do a self review, does anyone else do this? I was also going to have him rate what is important right now money, time, success etc.

We have never had a general manager nor have I ever had a review for one. What do you all do? Any suggestions? Anyone have a “review” they would be willing to email me so I could look at it and get ideas?

Are the hours unreasonable? I know I have had to work them myself and got burnt…How do you help someone who is burnt out?

I think the review will be a good chance for me to clarify the standards need to be met so he sets the standard and can train the standard to an assistant. I want him to understand if the standards aren’t being met while he IS there then they won’'t be met when he is not. (The assistant will allow him to have some time off)

Overall has been doing great for a year and I need to remember that.

Anyway, thanks for beating the dead horse with me, you guys are the best

6 days a week is too much for anyone over a long period of time.

I would prefer 5 TEN hour shifts over 6 days for 8 hrs…

Plus I think the one week a year for a top notch employee isnt enough either.

Consider what you are wanting the person to do (responsibility) and how long you want them to be with you, and adjust accordingly.

To me the first thing I do is ask the person if going to 5 TEN shifts would help him out?

If this is your only key employee you need to address this first and fast, if you lose this employee you are in a world of hurt and it does sound like he is burning out.

I could also see the F-S every week double being a deal breaker, what kind of life is that?

5 days a week, more vacation, get another person to fill in and give the guy a little bit of life…

I work 6 days a week 12 hours a day but it is my restaurant. I think that is way too much time for a guy who is just a managing and he will get burned out. Just my opinion though.

i agree that pushing someone 6 days a week is not a good idea and will eventually lead to trouble. people today need a life ( unless u own a pizza shop ) employees value time off often more than money!

the self review is a good idea. when i worked as a manager at BK we had to do that. it is a good tool to make sure you are on the same page as far as job expectations.

if u can though, cut the manager down to 5 days, i think it will be even better to them than the raise, although they will want that too! lol

Hello kris,sorry I will have to disagree w/ most of these gr8 tips.But I have learned in life that people LOVE $$.I think if he is truly an asset to you then you should let him know verbally and w/ a nice raise.I have 3 employees that do 6 twelves at my place and they love it do to my friendly wages :lol:.We close twice a year for our own vacation so they plan theirs accordingly.99% of people love money over days off.This is just my opinion in my experience.


10 years in the private sector . . . money for me had to be enough, which is got to be. THEN, time off and flexible scheduling were more important to me than more money. I can always make more money or save it . . . there is only so much time in my life to do and arrange around. That is only me, and your mileage will quite likely vary.