Beating them at there own game

On Saturday Dominos handed out flyers announcing a large $4.99 cheese pizza for thier customer appreciation day today. Well on Sunday we printed up our own fliers saying that if customers brought in those Domino flyers we would honor them. Well so far we have received 29 of them. And most of those customers added other items onto those orders.

I really hate to rain on your parade but I will…Most of the folks that were drawn in by their offer are “bottom feeders”…They may switch to you this but not stay around long once they have to pay regular prices…“Bottom feeders” thrive on coupons and deals and rarely become loyal without them…

Oh I knew that alot of them would only be in for that special but it did give me the chance to get some new people in there to try our product and hopefully at least a few of them will return as regulars.

I’m thinking that three of four new regular customers could make the efort worth while??

Haha nice :slight_smile:

Probably true about the bottom feeders, but you will also get Dominos customers in to taste your product, which is most likely a much better product! Calculate the lifetime value of those customers and you’ve made a good business decision!

My freshman year of college Papa Johns bought the back cover of the student phone book(there is no telling how much $$ it cost). Domino’s offered a free medium 1 topping pizza if you tore the back cover off and used it as a coupon.

Worked like a charm.

Nick, measure of that will be how much was spent on the effort and the quality of the customers gained…And as Redbull says you have to “calculate the lifetime value of those customers”…And Knightwing, be sure to mark those folks in your POS so you can do followup marketing and see what quality of clients they become…

I did get about 90% of those customers to fill out a customer card so that I could enter them into our data base.

Gotta love when a great plan comes together…even if you only get one NEW loyal customer out of the deal…well worth it.


As a company policy we always take any competiors coupons.

Our slogan is “use there great coupons to get our great pizza”