beef me baby!!

Hi. I need some input on adding ground beef as a topping. Pre cooked, raw, seasoned or au natural? Cooked ourselves then re-frozen? 80/20? 75/25? We are a small shop and wouldn’t use ALOT (as of yet) and are worried about it going bad. Our distributor only carries 5# logs that come in partially frozen so we can’t cut it and re-freeze it. We could cook it off, but would it be tough after it’s cooked on the pizza? Thanks -

If I were to offer a ground beef topping, I would cook it first, portion it in packages that I would expect to sell within 7 days, freeze it, and pull it out as needed to stock the line.
Most beef toppings that I see offered on pizza are a fine crumble, obviously pre-cooked. I think if you do raw ground beef on a pizza, it’ll water out to obnoxious amounts.

If you are using ground beef yes lots of water, but ground chuck or something similar ground from a primal and not the pink slime additive with random cuts will be fine. The store I trained at used raw ground chuck on cheeseburger pizza no problem, they just pinched it thin.

We buy fresh ground beef (80-20), portion it raw, and freeze it. When I need it, I microwave it to thaw it and cook it right on the pizza, sausage and beef taste best when cooked on the pie.

we used to buy a frozen beef… Obviously Cheaper to go with fresh… Popular but definitely freeze it…if you only use it for 1 pie and its not that popular it will go bad fast…

You ever think about just slicing up some cooked meatballs.

We don’t use ground beef but do use ground (minced) pork for one of our pizzas. We portion control it and freeze in small plastic tubs. When we want it we put the required number of tubs in the microwave to defrost which also slightly partly cooks it. We then crumble it through the fingers onto the pizza as the last topping. It cooks great and as “jollypizza” said it taste best when cooked on the pie.
No reason why the same couldn’t be done with beef mince.

85/15 and it is probably close to 90/10.
On the pizza Raw. Not much problem with water.
Local meat supplier and fresh ground. Comes in 10 lb packages. Not in tubes.
Put it in the freezer and pull it out when needed. We go thru 20 + lbs a week.

I would skip ground beef because it tastes grainy on a pizza. A better option would be cheesteak meat. You can make many menu items with cheesteak slices.

A mushroom, onion and steak pizza

Philly fries. Steak, onions, cheez sauce and hot peppers. Very popular on the east coast.

Cheesteak stromboli.

What else are you going to do with low quality pre cooked ground beef? Just a suggestion.

we use 80/20 Ground beef. it is a popular topping here we put it on the pizza raw and season with salt and pepper; it has a lot of fat that renders off. we get our ground beef fresh and use it to make a lot of items…Lasangia, Meat Sauce, burgers, and meatballs…all made fresh.

We do offer a beef topping, But it is not ground beef, we use smoked beef brisket on a few of our specialty pizzas, and it is an available topping on any build your own pie.

We did a test pizza yesterday that had Beef Brisket, double-baked potato filling, and pickle slices. OMFG, it was amazing! I see a stromboli working well with this combo too.

We mix our ground beef with eggs, bread crumbs, spices, chopped onions and celery. Roll into meat balls and sticks, cook and slice meat ( 9 in. long by 3 in.) for pizza toppings calzones meat ball sandwiches.