what is everyone using for beef toppings, I am using the beef from burk Its the small round peices but when applied does NOT look that great the cost is only 1.38lb so when i got back from expo I was so excited when i found a large pinched product
Premoro Hand-Pinched Style® Beef Topping 40024 Avg 12/oz 2/5 lbs
I was soon disheartend though when i found out the price is over 4.00 a lb
what is everyone else doing, my next step is I am going to just cook my own…

Beef toppings are surprisingly unpopular here…

We do cook our own spiced taco beef (for a taco salad and nachos topping), and we offer it as a topping. We also offer roast beef (usually for our french dip sandwich) as a pizza topping.

We tried the traditional pizza beef presentation, but it was just never popular.

We’re using the Pizzano beef crumbles, about $2.10/lb. It’s not very popular here either, most of what we use is from specialty pies.

cook our own, have been doing it for 35 years.

We buy bulk ground beef, season it ourselves and cook it thoroughly. Comes out awesome. Ground beef on a pizza is one of my favorite toppings.

we took beef & meatballs off the menu a while ago - no comments to speak of…we did add back in a steak topping & we have 4 quite popular chicken pizzas as well…

awsome I fried up our own ground beef at 1.22 lb, now of course we loose a little of weight but its great

We did not have beef on the menu for years and it was consistently the most asked for topping that we did not have. We have now been using a beef meatball that we break up for several years. Tastes good, looks good, easy to handle, zero prep. Cost is about $2.50 a pound. We use the 4oz size ball and one ball is the portion for a 16" pie.

I use a raw ground beef & I just pinch it off on top of the pizza. :smiley:

Do you have any issues with the moisture release from the beef cooking directly on the pizza?

Cross-contamination issues?

I know that some of you guys do this with sausage as well… I am a little leery of keeping raw proteins on the line…

I use fresh sausage and fresh ground beef. The ground beef is just our meatball meat that is applied to the pizza in bulk.

Cross-contamination isn’t an issue if you have the proper procedures in place. I’ve never had an issue and the health department has given us glowing reviews for how we handle it.

Moisture release is more of a positive thing. The grease released stays with the pizza and increases the flavor quite a bit. I don’t think many would argue that meat usually tastes better the first time it’s cooked than the second.

We use fresh sausage and fresh beef, and pinch off pieces for the pizza. We also have systems in place to prevent cross contamination. Not very complicated…you don’t make a pizza and then go make a salad without washing hands and putting on gloves. Essentially, we use two different people for pizza and ready-to-eat.

There is moisture release, but not any different than the fresh vegetables we use. We just keep a roll of Viva papertowels at the cut table, and a couple quick dabs fixes everything.

What’s that recipe, Steve?


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I had a problem with ground beef spoilage and just did not want to carry it, because we could’nt use it fast enough even though it was a highly requested item. I also did not like how much greasier it made the pizza. Sooo I started experimenting and this is what I came up with.

  1. 5# brick of ground beef thawed
  2. line 2 full sheet pans with parchment paper
  3. Place peices of desired size ground Beef on sheet close together they will shrink. (The size you would use for your raw sausage)
  4. lightly dust with black pepper.
    5 place in unlit deck oven and turn oven on cook for 15-18 minutes
  5. remove from oven let cool with one side of sheet pan elevated slightly to let the grease run off.
  6. Portion and freeze for use ( no waste and great taste.)

We don’t have the equipment to cook our beef so we’ve gone with Materpiece (Hormel) old world chunk. Nicely seasoned and not too greasy. $3.55 / lb though.

All of our meats are fully cooked with an average shelf life of 6 months. Here is a list of our Beef Toppings[/url] for your reference. If you would like to see our other products please visit [url]

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we prepped our own sausage and meatball topping for 20 yrs and switched about 5 yrs ago…I am not even going to try to tell you the taste is the same b/c obviously it is not…what I will say is that I do not think we lost a customer due to the change. Bonici makes a really good sausage topping. For Meatball you can take a good frozen meatball, thaw and put through a deli slicer and cooks very well on a pizza

those jobs were probably the biggest pain in the arse back in the day and saves alot of time topping pizzas and NO threat of cross contamination