Been open 1 week...

Hi all! Well I’ve been open a week now. Did a quiet open, meaning, no advertising etc. Being new to the pizza biz I wanted some time to get the kinks worked out. I’m giving my staff and I another week, but next week am planning a grand opening, balloons, etc. We have done alright, but most people dont know we are here yet. I am getting a great reception and many people calling in to tell us that they LOVE our pizza. What I want to know is what is a cheap way to get even more fanfare? Any advice? We are low on budget, large on energy and enthusiasim. What can you tell me?

Do a press release and if you are a chamber member host a monthly get together

When we first started with got both tv and newspaper to do a story about us opening. Most tv news and newspapers have a business section that reports on the goings on in your local area and are looking for stories to fill their time slots and space in the paper.

Balloons, banners, road signs, lights, streamers and energetic banner wavers are a must. When we did our customer appreciation day we also had three people standing out by the road in flurescent green shirts with our logo on them holding orange road crew flags(to resemble roadwork people). One on either side of our place giving traffic the ‘slow down’ signal and one by the entrance to the parking lot ‘directing’ people into the lot.

It got people to slow down and view our signage and also gave us the look of a big event. Which thankfully it did turn out to be. :smiley: