I just wanted to Thank EVERYONE who has helped along the way to my Grand Opening of QQ Pizza in Chung Li Taiwan. (QQ in taiwanese means chewy)
After 9 months of planning and many long hours of meetings and trying to find purveyors (its not like in the states where you can have one central distributor) we have opened our doors with 3/4 of the menu working and proud to say that we are doing numbers that we hoped for in 6 months, in just 7 days. We are placed right by the University and there are a lot of Ex Patriots craving a good, thick chewy pizza. Plus we sell slices and a drink which is not done at any of our competitors. We have had to make “emergency dough” on two occasions (Thanks to whoever put that on the board); that is how fast they are flying out the door.

I am truly grateful to everyone who has helped with my sometimes silly and simple questions. And for the ones to come in the future.

It is amazing how the employees are so eager to work. It is quite normal for a full-timer to put in a 10-12 hour day and some 6 days/week. The minimum wage here is about $2.25/ hour. We are paying a bit more with meals and breaks (again, not the norm here) , and they are devoted. An experience I don’t recall from my 40 years in the states.

If anyone is coming this way, please stop by.


Don’t see myself making it to Tawain anytime soon, but if so will definatly buy a pie. Just don’t get complacent with sales where they are at, as they may drop off after the “honeymoon period”. Keep aggresive and try your best to keep from needing to make “emergency dough”. Best of luck and Happy New Year!!!

Congrats! It sounds like a really nice pizza place, and you have done your homework to be selling so well right out of the gate, good for you! You sure are right about the work ethic, it is hard to find people who know how to work in the states! Oh well, at least a few of us still understand! I wish you the best of luck!

Congrats! My cousin lives in Chung li! What is your address? I’ll tell her to go try your pizza.


No.55, Hongyang Rd., Zhongli City


We are open 11 AM - 11 Pm - 7 days / week