Been playing with the lloyd discs....

What’s the difference between the hex disc and the quick disc? I have tested them numerous times and they seem to cook exactly the same I can’t tell them apart. Also, it seems like I need a little more heat coming from the bottom than I do with regular mesh screens. Is that typical? I plan to change my finger configuration around tomorrow and test it out.

They are the same end result. Just get the quick disc and spend less. I tested both and came to that conclusion. The Lloyd guy told me the same thing. They just carry the hex disc because they have a big customer who wants them.

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You don’t need to change any configuration. Maybe a little less heat. But probably not even that.

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The Hex Disk flows about the same amount of air to the bottom of the pizza as a pizza screen but there are applications where the Hex Disk differs from a screen. If you store the dough on a screen it may flow into the screen and expand during baking thus locking the pizza to the screen, the chance of this happening with a Hex Disk is significantly reduced. If you want to bake at high temperatures and get too much edge color with a screen the solid rim on the Hex disk can address the problem by blocking some of the air flowing to the edge portion of the pizza thus preventing the edge from getting too dark or developing a “pizza bone” . Power Pans with a larger hole diameter can flow different amounts of air (depending upon hole diameter and placement) to help regulate the bottom bake but with those larger holes it is much more problematic if you stage your dough skins or dressed skins on the Power Pan as the the dough exhibits a greater tendency to want to flow into the holes. These issues are not as great with a stiff dough as they are with a softer dough consistency. This is all based on their use in an air impingement oven.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor