BEER (2)

WILL someone that I purchase the beer set up a tap and system like pepsi does or am I on my own?
what kind of things do you get from an alcohol distributor?

This probably varies from state to state. But here, we had our own equipment. They installed the lines inside my direct draw box for me, put all the ends on there for me to connect to the kegs to etc. If they are giving away equipment, I need to go talk to someone!

They gave me a neon light for every handle I gave them, plus a mirror or two.

The liquor company for me is a joke. I do not do enough volume for them to spend much time with me, but they gave me some bev nap caddys and some bar mats.

most states will run & clean the lines…you’ll have 2 pay 4 the gas…mirrors etc are limited, based on your size/volume…you’ll need to buy a keg cooler if you’re not going to use the walk-in…

lotta states limit 2 many booze/beer freebies

When we served beer they handled it all. Set up, cleaned and filled.
They only charged me for the product.
They supplied neons, coasters, table tents, all kinds of stuff. Oh yeahh but I had to ask for all the extra stuff. :smiley: