beer and pizza

construction started on my first store hope to be open in june.i have a pretty good idea of the sales for the foods end but what about alcohol? its going to be a pizzeria in front of store and 24 seat/11 bar stool bar in back.3 kegs on tap.package goods sold. can anyone give me an idea how much more will this add to my pizza sales? thanks

Wish I could provide some insight here. We are opening in mid April, but, live in a dry county that will change eventually. We actually have to make it thru our 1st year in order to apply for beer. Geeze, Pizza without beer, what are we thinking! I know there are many other owners that will give you guidance, and believe you, me, they know their …!

we are a similar place…36 seats and 10 bar seats. We sell only beer and wine. 70% of business is dine-in and we average $40,000 a month in sales. We have 14 beers on tap and 20 in a bottle with 5 red wines, 4 white and 1 blush.

we average $9,000 a month in beer sales and $400 a month in wine sales.

hope that helps!

yes thank you

15th street if you dont mind me asking whats your population. and how are you kegs stored .we are using a 10x12 walkin box for the food and about 10kegs. the kegs will be hooked right to the bar which will be up against the cooler.
the taps are going to be mounted on the wall this will eliminate the foam part.we we will be tapping the kegs right in the box.thanks again

we have a population of around 180,000. we a bunch of the major chains, 2 big regional chains and around 6 independent. we have an 8X8 walkin for food and kegs. when a keg blows we have to bring it up front(drivers hate it but i bought them a cart) I would LOVE to have the walk-in box behind my bar but we are in a strip mall and there is another bar next to us!

Thats even better… Just tap into their kegs for better profit :slight_smile:

we have an 8 X 8 walk in for food and kegs.

Hi Pizza street:

In most jurisdictions the health department does not allow restaurant type of food items and beer kegs or beer in cases to be stored in the same cooler with the food

It appears that is not the situation where you are.

We always design a separate unit for that function.

George Mills

When’s the second store opening?

we just applied for our lic. takes 2 months we will have only 3 drafts on tap