Beer Batter Dough Recipe

I may be going independent in the upcomming month, and I am trying to duplicate a beer batter dough recipe that my current distributor provides. I have talked to many people some say just replace the water in your dough recipe with beer, other say its 50/50 beer/water ratio, and some other say its 25/75 beer water ratio.

So Mr. Lehman, and the rest of you’s proffessional do you have any ideas.
Ideally I am trying to create a rising dough that can be placed in proofing trays, and when used will be baked in a deep dish pan.

It looks like you are looking for a beer crust dough formula.
I did an article on this very topic for Pizza Today. You might check their archives for the article.
The type of beet typically used will be one with a robust flavor, such as an ale. Most seem to replace only about 25% of the dough water with the beer. You really don’t get any of the beer flavor in the finished crust, but you do get a somewhat “different” flavor, most likely due to the hops and other unique ingredients used in making the beer. Don’t worry about anyone getting drunk for eating your pizzas, the alcohol in the beer is volitolized well before the pizza is finished baking.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor