Beer for Quick Service

Does anyone have an idea of how to add beer sales to a quick service concept. Customers now come up to the counter,order,pay and then we run the food to them. Do they keep coming up to the counter if they want more?

Yes, I think that having the customer come to the counter to order more is the best way - there are a couple of quick service places here that do exactly that. One of the reasons for it is you can keep an eye on the beer more effectively (rather than selling them more than one at the time of ordering), and most liquor licenses for QSR will require that you keep the alcohol indoors. So, you want to make sure that they aren’t putting one in their jacket for later, taking it out of the licensed area and getting you in trouble…

yes, before we expanded and put in a full bar, we had the bottles in a Pepsi cooler and the people just came up and bought the beer, we opened it for them, and they went and sat back down.
Worked out perfectly fine… but the cost of the licneses and the insurance vurses what we actualy made that year in beer sales did not pan out for us.
Just so happened the shop next door to us went out of business and we just moved our beer over there and made a full bar with liquor which NOW pays for itself and then some.