beer in dough formula

I am considering adding a can of beer to my dough formula.

with alcohol or the n.a. ? oz. for oz substitute with water ? how much ?

anybody with experience on this ?


I experimented with beer, eggs, milk, garlic and the like…nothing is better than aged dough w/good flour…cook it slow and thru & thru…

10-4 on that
has always been my conclusion also…
I do not put any sugar in my dough now, am thinking of adding a little honey or molasses to keep it “healthy” and maybe a little flavor.

I think paul7979 uses some molasses with good success…his pizza is good and he does big volume, so it is time tested…
I was wondering about how much and how much less water when used,


sugar will aid in giving the yeast something 2 eat over time, and aides in browning I believe…for better “color” add a tinsey-tiny bit of egg shade…but why mees w/your dough id its working 4 you? Age & slow cooking are the keys!!!

I have used beer in my dough formulas in the past. I used half water and half Bass Ale (on tap). Recipe also had a bit of honey in it. It was very good

One can? Unless it is a really big can you probably won’t notice. I have Guinness on tap and have experimented with adding beer and wine to my dough. I also have a long list of non-alcoholic stuff like rice flour, honey, malt extract, seaweed, spinach, garlic, and an endless list of herbs.

One can really isnt going to have much effect at all, unless you are making really really small lots of dough. Customers will also not recognize any benefit at all. They think beer = alcohol and will get ticked off. I assure you they dont have the slightest clue that it gets burned off in the oven.

You might be better off adding spinach, it changes dough color to green, and calling it healthy. Sun dried tomatoes aslo change the color of dough without much difference in the dough itself. An extreme would be to use squid ink. Basically all of those additives only change the color. I added a lot and never realy noticed a change in the taste, but customers sure liked the colors.