beer on tap vs no beer on tap

hey whats up? what does you guys think of tap beer? im pushing for it. i think it would be a money maker. from the research i have done i think that the profit would be around 150-270 after purchase. i dont want to invest the money if its not worth… thanks for the input!

it is a natural. i have always had beer on tap until opening this shop. you can do specials like $3 pitchers with any pizza. slice and a beer, etc. j

We have 4 taps and people love draft beer. Margins aren’t as good as bottled beer, at least what we carry, but we sell a lot of it. It’s harder to count and there is more waste, we probably get 85 pours rung through the POS per keg, so each pint is costing us about $1.50 when waste and promos are factored in. Not the moneymaker liquor is, but we make up for it in volume.

That is the key. You need to be dedicated to keeping your beer tasting good. If you take weeks to sell a keg, don’t clean the lines, and don’t keep your taps clean, you are better off going with bottles.

AMEN!! If you are moving some volume, have space, and coolers to store the kegs, then tap beer is your huckleberry. We never had very much volume, so we stayed with bottles. Worked well for us and the customers . . . they always got fresh beer.

Nothing is crappier than going to smaller restaurant (and some times even big ones) and drinking a skunked beer. Half the time you could have the manager test it and they wouldn’t know the difference between a fresh beer and an off tasting one.

Tap beer is great. It is profitable, and an easy sell. If you are going to do it, take the time to do it right and put in place the things you need to succeed. This includes staff training, cleaning schedules, glass/mug cooling space… Get your equipment set. Keg fridge, chilled lines, nice taps. Servers need to be knowledgeable about beer. I once ordered a Leinenkugel’s in Iowa and they insisted it was an import instead of a domestic beer. Even a small variation in CO2 pressure can make your beers all come out half foam. Head is great and all, but not that much.

Nothing says poor attention to detail than that first sip of beer that tastes bad. It sets a tone for the entire meal, and the customers that are unhappy (regular beer drinkers) won’t be back, and most won’t even say anything. They are the ones who order a bottled beer after their first tap beer.

i hear alot of what you guys are saying. i have a beermeister at home so i know a little bit lol. my second beermeister actually. yea theres nothing worse then skunk beer! i remember when i was at this bar called “the boathouse.” i ordered a pint of New Castle and it was skunk. so i went and told the bartender and he gave me a new one but he looked at me like i was bothering him and i should have just drank it. so i dont want that happening to anyone else. NOTHINGS WORSE THEN BAD BEER!