Beer & pizza Matches

Other than actually sitting down and pairing them yourself does anyone know where I can find ideas as what beers go better with certain pizzas?

Ask your customers. … 0208_3.pdf

check that out

Well, as interesting as that report was (I felt like I was in some kind of math class there for a minute), I would go with Kris’ suggestion to ask your customers. And then, to make it fun, you could maybe make up your own customer suggestions by holding a little beer & pizza tasting event where you invite numerous loyal patrons as the judges. You could offer little sample glasses and small pizza selections, then let the customers pick and choose. (Don’t label the beers until after they have made their selections.) It would be fun, I should think. Probably you’d have to check with your liquor board to find out if there are any weird limitations (in my state there is probably a long list). Hmmmmmm… maybe I might try this idea myself! :smiley: