Beer & Wine?

Hello to all. My name is Len & I am new on this board, but hope to ask some questions, answer some questions & be able to trade info with all of you.

I have been in the food biz most of my life & have done it all from being a bus boy to being an Exec Chef to being a Regional, however, this is my first all pizza venture :smiley:

My question is, should I serve beer & wine in my Pizzaria? It wont be too big, maybe 12-15 tables , we hope to do good take out bisiness & as of right now no delivery (for now) We will offer classic cheese pizza with great toppings etc,but will also try some other gourmet style pizzas & very fair prices. The area I want to open in is a higher end residential comminty etc. However, the plan is to open a successful store & open about 3-5 stores with the next 3-4 yrs & I would like them all to be consistant.

What do you all think? Beer & Wine or go for soda’s maybe some specialty brands?


I would say go for it all! Since you are not delivering I would think the extra sales from beer and wine would be a very welcome thing. It is also one more reason for someone to come in to have dinner, a beer, and watch the game. It wouldn’t hurt to try some gourmet sodas as well for the kids, or maybe some coffee drinks for the adults after dinner.

I think you have to offer it and I honestsly can’t think of a reason why you wouldn’t. If you don’t sell beer/wine with Pizza, it’s kind of like Dunkin Donuts having no cream on hand. Besides, I have to believe your customers would just go to someone who does offer it.