Beer & Wine

We are starting another restaurant. I’m working on floor plans right now. I’m not going to do beer and wine to begin with, but want to make sure I have the space later on to add it. What kind of space is needed for beer and wine, including walk in, dry, taps, etc? What should I plan for?

Any expertise would be helpful. Thanks.

it all depends on how many varieties of beer and or wine you want to offer your customers.

Hi Mandino:

If you would like we will do a professional floor plan for you including beverage area. No charge for a floor plan.

We would need more information and any input you may have.

George Mills

George, let me get back to you on that. I might take you up on your offer.

also check with your local health dept. to see if they need anything “special”.
my HD is pretty laid back so i had no problem throwing in a bar.

Your needs are going to depend a lot more on your local liquor license regulators. I had a health department demand that I put in an extra hand washing sink specifically for a beer tap once. Just out of curiosity, why not go with beer and wine from day one?