Benchmark time for making pizza

I have a manager who despite working for me for a decent length of time is still pretty slow at making pizzas. What would a good general benchmark be for taking a the dough from sheeted to sauced cheesed topped and into the oven? I want to set some goals and see if we can work towards that goal.

There are many factors at play but a decent time would be >15seconds to stretch the dough , >25 seconds to sauce and cheese the dough, >15-30 seconds per topping depending on the topping. These numbers are based on my experience where we do everything by hand and without the help of any machines or tools like the ones dominoes uses. Also we put a lot of food on our pizzas so it could take more or less time for you

How long does it take you to make a pizza?
How long does it take other staff members to make a pizza?
Get an average and make that the goal.

I believe I can make a large pepperoni pizza in just over 1 minute from an already sheeted dough.
Dock, sauce, Cheese, pepperoni

To add to this has anyone done the “math” on “batching” vs. one person does everything ? I usually put sauce on 15 skins, then move to cheese and then add the pepperonis, sometimes it is the same person and other “busier” times with multiple team members, also only my opinion that as staff rotates on these tasks they remain more “aware” then if they do the same thing for hours on end…