Best Advertising I have done on FaceBook

Tonight one of my part time customers (they bounce between me and another shop) posted a picture of a bad crustless pizza they got from my competition. As soon as I saw it I posted “Call me and I will replace it for you. I can have it ready for pickup in 15 minutes.”
Here are some of the posts that followed"
[]What a thoughtful thing to do. Can’t wait to order my crust less pizza from Daddio’s.
]Richard you are a class act my friend. You never fail to provide above and beyond service!
[]kuddos to You Mr.Daddio! That is so very kind to offer a replacement to her.
]Never had Daddio’s before but we’ll be making a special trip to town this weekend for some crustless pizza there after this grade A customer service
[]I will now too! That’s amazing
]The original picture looks like you had eaten it already if that’s the way it came that’s really pathetic, even more so is the way they handled it when you called to offer your complaint. To have a totally different restaurant owner offer you a replacement at no charge is just awesome, and gives me faith that good customer service still exists. Lately I have been blown away by bad customer service.
[]I’ll be ordering from daddios also this weekend now that I know they make crustless pizza and I he’s obviously a great man
]And this my friends is how you do customer service, Daddios had a no charge replacement for me with 15 minutes… never ordering from *****’s again
[]Omg that’s fantastic! I love Daddio’s Pizzeria Ltd. Such great local service and what a pizza should look like.
]They just gave it to you?!
[*]yes, he wanted to make sure we never order anywhere else again and be damn sure I’ll be a loyal customer to the grave now
I think you can see where this is going. There were at least 30 more posts and the total cost to me was $3.42. Not a bad price for that kind of coverage. I had heard the idea from someone around here to offer a satisfaction guarantee for not only your own food but for anyone else as well. With social media it is a real good idea.


Great op and you nailed it!

So the results are in for the day after. 10 new customers and 5 times as many crustless pizza as we would normally do on a Friday. I call that a success.

Not to sound like an idiot but… what is a “crustless” pie?

There is a new diet crazy called the ketogenic diet. It requires very low carbs. Since most of the carbs in a pizza come from the crust that is what is eliminated. Basically you build a pizza in a foil pasta container.

Haha wow I’m an idiot too I thought that was just a fancy name for a thin crust. ‍♂️

Holy crap- no NO crust at all?
Around 12 years ago- when the Atkins diet was big- I had a guy come in for similar; Sauce, cheese, pepperoni in a foil container.
He was the only one, ever.
I though no edge, crust cut off, etc… pretty funny!

No crust what so ever. There is a FaceBook page that is all about how to avoid carbs in everything they eat.

I avoid that page :slight_smile:

Hey Daddio

I have a lot of customers that would love that. They call and ask if we have gluten free crust. I dont want to have that in the store, because I know a couple pizza shops around here that provide that as a courtesy to their customers. Then they go online and say how it sucked. Of course it sucked :).

I have found my positive reviews on yelp, google and Facebook. bring in more people then my mailshark program.

This is the first I have heard of Crustless pizza. I would be interested in that idea.
Could you give some more information on how to do that. I assume the diner keeps the tinfoil container? Does it have any kind of base? Do you put down sauce. Do they just eat it with a fork? Its seems like it would just be a thin lasagna.

Using a 7" round foil container we put sauce on the bottom then add the requested toppings then the cheese. We weigh toppings for all our pizzas so for the crustless we use the weights for a 10" pizza. We send it out with a plastic knife and fork. Note we are DelCo so no option for a sit down meal but I would think you could use a pasta boat for such.

Talk about raising to the occasion. Very good male extra review well done, Richard. That’s not a coincidence, but all hard work. Glad for you and thanks for sharing this experience.

Keeping the customer in mind is always a good idea !
Way to go !

Do you always put cheese on top of your toppings? Or just for this pizza?
Interesting that you use a 10" spec on a 7" pizza. Is that the smallest pizza you offer, so simply just use those? charge for a 10"?

I do put cheese on as the last topping for all my pizzas. I use the 10" pizza toppings because that is what fills the foil container best. It is possible to go to the 12" for some but for the customers to understand the pricing it is just easier to stick to one size.

What are you selling these for? Had a request for one tonight

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I sell them for the same as a 10"pizza with the same toppings. I weight all the toppings for all my pizza so the difference is the cost of the dough vs the cost of the foil container.

That’s what I was figuring as well. Thank you

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