Best bakeable wings & chicken tenders?

A low price would be great, but I’m more concerned with how they taste. Since I’m not putting in a fryer, I need to go the bakeable route…any opinions?

In the same boat- just ovens- no fryer.
Finding what you- and I- are looking for is not so easy.
La Nova makes an “ovenable” wing but they are very expensive. Very.
The best option I’ve come up with so far- getting the browning and crisping that I want, along with a reasonable price, is a steamed wing (meaning fully cooked) and then pre-cooking them which, for me, is three times through the oven on sheet pans and then a fourth time through when they are ordered.
Kind of a big PITA but that’s the best option I’ve found.
I find it hard to believe that is the best I can find but that seems to be the case.
For me- no un-cooked wings and no fryer so…

tyson 3303 wings, precooked. 2x though the oven when ordered. delicious

When you guys say you run them through the oven 2-3 times…how long is that? I’ll be using a deck oven.

We run them through for about 14-15 minutes @ 520

The only ones I have found that turn out well are the Pierce boneless Wing Dings. We run them in our deck oven for 14-15 mins at 450.

I agree with Joe. Wing Dings are the best ovenable wings I’ve tried. Boneless is best. Bone-in are okay (very tender) but not crispy 7mins@500.

We use the la nova wings they are expensive but delicious they bake well we run them through the oven 2 times to get them real crisp 515 @ 6:30 per run. 1 1/2 times cooks them well that is our norm.

You can run raw wings thru your oven…we season 'em up & but them on a sheet pan w/baking paper…18/20 minutes…let cool & package…toss in sauce when ordered & run thru once…the sauce bakes in…we use Llyod disks…package in a small pizza box & a foil tin…

We started out 13 years ago with La Nova and loved them. They were very consistent in size, quality and flavor. Through the years they went downhill but the price kept rising. One week they will look like they came off Cornish game hens, the next week they will look like they came off young turkeys. You get a lot of random chunks that do not resemble a wing and the coating is very inconsistent. I switched to Patuxent fully cooked Buffalo wings that I got from US Foods. They are much more consistent and almost $10.00 a case cheaper. Customers apparently like them because I sell more.

Do you have any issues with customers not wanting to wait that long for wings?

oh, no…we cook cases at a time…cool & wrap…sauce & run thru the oven with their pizza order…sauce bakes in…yum…

We use a fully cooked “rotisserie” wing from Sysco. Comes in a 25lb case and tastes great. They are huge (1.75oz ave) We run them through once with the sauce on them. They do not come out crispy though. I have not found an oven wing that imitates a fryer wing. We just sell ours as baked and talk about them being big and tasty!

emphasize that your wings are baked, our customers are really happy that ours are not fried!

We use a deck oven. Tyson BBQ wings, (precooked and already seasoned) we pull from the freezer, zap in the microwave for about 1-2 min. Put a parchment in the bottom of a double stacked calzone pan that has been lightly sprayed with oil, transfer the wings and bake for 4 min or until sizzling and slightly browned. (we used to also have the Tyson Hot wings, but if a customer ordered both the BBQ and the Hot wings they were never consistent in size and we just didn’t like having one set be large and the other very small! So we quit offering the Hot wings. I’d like a better option, but no matter how we’ve looked into it, wings are a loss-leader and we just hate it when customers only order wings…

Why are they a loss leader? Wings do not have the margin of pizza but considering how much less labor there is to produce them, that is OK. (Don’t make dough, don’t make sauce, don’t grind cheese, don’t have to assemble etc) Are you certain you are optimizing price?

I offer a beautiful fully cooked tender @ $.1.29 lb. 20 lb. case. Perfect for the oven!