Best Breaded Chicken option for my pizza shop?

I added a Deep Fryer to do Chicken Wings. My Bone-In Wings are gonna be Unbreaded and then after frying I will Sauce and Toss them in a bowl… but my Boneless Wings will be Breaded. I don’t really want to have to get into actually hand breading them myself due to the set up of my kitchen unless I truly need to… and in that case, I might make an exception because I want to put out the best product possible.

But is there a good breaded Wing option out there that I can get from like US Foods or Sysco or whoever, that I can just throw in the Fryer for like 5-7 minutes and it be good and tender and juicy? I really don’t want to run them through my oven because I feel like the Deep Fryer will give them the best taste and texture. What brand and name do you guys use and what company do you get them from?



I suggest you make it your purveyors problem. Tell them what you are trying to achieve and that if they want one of the products they handle considered to get samples to you for testing. (These should be no charge) Get a few samples and cook them up and choose.

Brakebush, can’t go wrong. Pretty sure you can get them from either vendor.

Sysco Imperial Boneless Wings are amazing! We have sampled every brand out there and nothing comes close.

Yes Sysco’s are good. BTW, congratulations on adding wings to the menu. I have an idea . . . Chicken wing pizza :wink: