Best brewed ice tea to serve?

We have had a huge number of requests to carry fresh brewed ice tea rather than the BIB nestea ice tea from Coke. Anyone have a good recommendation for a brand?
The only one I have heard anything about is Shangri La ice tea?

I was very impressed with Ceylon Tea Gardens. Fantastic iced tea. Very high quality and because they control their own supply instead of purchasing through tea auctions. It also means it is less expensive. (But considering the margin on iced tea, that is not a real concern.) They also supply the brew machine and service it to make sure the tea is brewed cleanly and correctly.

any of your major suppliers will probally give you a machine if you by there product we use luzzanne dont know if you use sweet tea in your part of the country thats all we have down here. were from out west never heard of sweet tea till we got down south. we are used to regular tea but they have no use for it down here :lol: p.m. me and will tell you how we make sweet tea if you need it.

That nasty sweet tea has made its way to Texas. Never thought I would see the day…

id hate sweet tea but around here its the only thing they will drink in case any of you yankees were wondering what sweet tea is :? take your 3 gallon tea brewer pot add 5 cups sugar to it while tea is hot stir to disolve down here they will spit it back at you if it has less than 5 cups sugar but it will work till they get it to the table were they can rape and plunder your sugar packets :x when we brew our tea we add a teaspoon of baking soda in the filter basket along with the tea bag gives it a little bit of wang to it. :smiley:

out west we would use gallon jug lipton tea bags and set in hot desert sun for several hours nothin better than that. :smiley:

Sun tea! Yeah, that’s tasty stuff.

What’s with the baking soda? Never heard of that. How does it affect the taste?

cant really explain it? but its different, old timer told me about it people swear by our tea and thats the only thing we do different than my competition we all use the same suppliers.maybe someone will tell the chemicle yada yada yada changes the yada yada yada in the tea or something like that :smiley:

maybe nick with those big fancy words can explain. :shock: :shock: :shock:

Dayum. No fancy words, but an explanation. Tannins in the tea make for bitterness. Water too hot will lead to too much tannin in the tea and that bitter bite (same will happen with chemical stuff in water, like too much chlorine). Anyhoo, the tannin is also known as tannic acid, and is slightly acidic. Adding the baking soda will be like giving it an antacid . . . “a dose of soda” . . . “bicarbonate of soda”. Soda neutralizes the tannic acid and smooths out tea that may have a tannin flaw.

We use Luzzianne as well, and seldom have a bitterness problem in our brewer. WOW!! We also don’t have an insulin shock issue since we use 3.5 cups sugar to 3 gallons.

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