Best cheese in the Northwest

I live 2 minutes from the US border. Every time I read what you guys south of the border are paying for cheese per pound I almost cry. We pay almost 4 times what you pay. It is my understanding that Grande does not deliver out west. What is the best cheese supplier in the Northwest. I am using Saputo right now and am very happy with it as are my customers. I have a US mailbox that accepts package orders and it turns out the taxes coming across the border would still make it must cheaper.
So who is the best?

We get Grande in California.

Cheezy you better talk with Daddio…I understand some sort of permit is required for commercial quantities…

I’m using Grande and I’m pretty sure it’s manufactured in Wisconsin, so I see no reason why you wouldn’t be able to get it in your region. I’ve been using a case of Saputo that U.S. Foods brought me for a sample this week. I think it’s comparable to Grande for initial quality, but I don’t think it has the same longevity. I’m starting to have a lot of customers comment on how they like to order excessive food, because they can microwave the pizza the next day and it still tastes great.

Grande is not for everyone though, and you have to be sure you’re getting a fair market value. I had a “chat” a couple weeks ago about my cheese prices in relation to market values and it “magically” dropped about $.60 since then, but U.S. Foods just quoted me a price of $3.00+/lb for the same stuff. I had to laugh, but at least I got a free case of Saputo/Sorrento to use on other menu items and I think I have a couple other samples on the way from them.

Peterson Co. out of Auburn, WA carries GRANDE CHEESE, it all we use. I know they delivery up to the border cause I have friends in Bellingham that use them. I imagine you could get it from them if you asked. The more pizzaria’s that use it in the Northwest the better for all of us, cause the more they can order from Grande. They also carry about 700 different flavors of cheese, so if your looking for a specifc romano, or asiago, or parmesean cheese they probably carry it.

Peterson Co

1102 D St NE
Auburn, WA 98002
(253) 735-0313