Best coupon ever, best day to hit homes!

ok guys and gals, by now you should be getting tired of me! but you guys are so great its like good sex! I can’t get enough and I don’t even have to use Viagra! lol

ok heres the question, about to dump a good sum of money into advt our newly open business. My questions are

#1 what is the best coupon offer you have launched that generated the most response?

#2 when doing a direct mail piece, have you noticed a better response when mail hits homes on a certain date?

as always your responses are greatly appreciated

Eli the pizza guy

The best coupon that we ever did was a few years ago we put out a Large cheese pizza of only 99 cents. No strings attached!!! Free delivery! We put this out in a local coupon magazine that gets mailed and distributed through newspaper style boxes on the two college campuses here. Some people took advantage of it and grabbed twenty copies out of the boxes and redeemed each coupon before the three week expiration date. We happily served them their pizza that we lost money on. Others would order their 99 cent pizza add three toppings to it, add another pizza, wings, and a 2 liter and we would actually make a bit of money from them. Anyhow, we did between 125 and 200 of these a day for the three weeks. Sales prior to running the special-$12000 per week. Sales for weeks after this special ended-$15500. Sales currently-$20000+. I won’t attribute the entire growth over the years to this one special, but it took a business that was stagnent for years and gave it a MONSTER kick in the ass.