Best Credit Card Transaction Service?

which electronic transaction service provider do you folks recommend? are there one our two companies that stand head and shoulders above the rest?

I use Heartland Payment systems (888)963-3600. They’ve got the best rates I’ve come accrosss AND interact well with a lot of computer software (Point of Success included). -J_r0kk

I may be partial to this question since I am an Account Executive for RBS Lynk. But I suggest you give me a call and research our company online.

I can be reached at:
Five 5 One 1 Two 2
Nine 9 Two 2 One 1
Eight 8 Seven 7 Nine 9 Eight 8

QSR Rates Start at 8 Cents per Trans + Interchange

Whether you use RBS Lynk or another processor. If they don’t have a Cost Plus Pricing program you will spend more than necessary.

I am happy to explain Cost Plus aka Interchange Plus pricing.

We support numerous softwares and the Credit Card Modules that handle the sale.

I dont know Scott, but I do recommend RBSLynk. I have 3 terminals (2 wireless for delivery) and they have been great!

I called Scott. He’s very helpful.

I appreciate the Good feedback, about myself and about RBSLynk. Been here 6.5 years and I would not work for another processor.

My contact info, including e-mail, is below.

Can u recommend a Canadian alternative?

I can find out an get back to you. Unforntunately RBS Lynk can only process for US Companies.

2 Possible solutions could be:



Global Payments of Canada

You should be able to search online for a phone number.

Thank you. I will probably start with my current bank, and research out from there. I appreciate your answer and will look into these companies.

hey scott,
can i send you my currant info and you let me know if your company has better rates and such?


Yes that would be fine. If you could FAX me a copy of your most recent Processing Statement along with an e-mail address I will send you an Excel file with my Analysis. If you accept Discover please send that Statement as well.


Feel free, and encouraged, to black out any pertinent financial information such as Routing Number and Account Number if they are listed on your statement.

Looking forward to providing you with an analysis.

I used First Data for a while and was unhappy, but I used Heartland payment for about eight years and was very happy with them.

Both are very reputable companies. First Data being the Largest Processor in the US, with that comes some drawbacks. They tend to have a like us or leave us attitude.

Heartland, I would say, is one of the most competitive processors that we come up against when it comes to Restaurants. Good Service and Good Pricing. Having said that I believe we are Better when it comes to Customer Service and flexibility.

I use US BANK. They apparently own the proccessing company or clearinghouse for the majority of all credit card transactions in the world. There is no 2 day delay on funds, all credit card and debit transaction land in your account on the next business day.
And based on your volume you will get the best rates too.
Oh yeah! Don’t buy a CC terminal from them. Go Online to EBAY and get a Hypercomm T7P with 512k Ram. You can find them all day long for about $50.00 plus shipping. That alone will save you $400. Good luck.

Moneris is a co-venture with RBC an BMO so if you bank with either on of them that is who you will get. If you deal with a credit union you will be dealing with UNPS.

They all will try to make you pay high percentages but you can negotiate lower.