Best day for grand opening?

What is the best day of the week to have the grand opening of a new pizzeria? Furthermore, is it beneficial to open the doors for business on one day and then have the “grand opening” a few days later?

i would definately do a soft opening prior to a grand opening. that way, you have a chance to get used to the flow of things and work out any kinks there might be in your processes. once thats worked out, then i would move towards the grand opening. i dont know what the experts would say the best day would be for a grand, but i personally would do it on a saturday. its a weekend day and most people are off work that day so they would be more apt to stop in and see whats going on. plus on saturday people feel better financially as alot of them just got paid the day before, so you have a better shot at an impulse 'lets give the new place a try".

Do a non-advertised opening on a Monday and try to keep it on the down low for a week or two… the second word gets out that your new shop has open, BAM your going to get harder then you would even imagine.

Try to start slow and grow from there, to many people at one time for non-experiences workers will kill.

Usual “Grand Openings” are a month or 2 after actualy opening the doors.

Our Grand Opening was on a Wednesday. But we sent out 100 letters offering $20 free food on a Tuesday for practice and some marketing. Opening on a Wednesday allows you some time to correct things and have your crew adjust to the kitchen set-up and flow going into the weekend. … oonaPA.php

When I worked for Domino’s Pizza we would do a soft opening, generally we would hand out about 300 free pizza coupons, 100 for monday, 100 for tuesday, and 100 for wednesday, reedemable between 5pm and 7pm for practice rushes only. We would have a light crew during the days, and I would lead a crew doorhanging, the whole area(about 20,000 addresses) leading up to Saturdays Grand Opening! We would usually sell 12" Pepperoni’s, Hawaiians, Double Cheese, or Sausage pizza’s for $2.99 each no limit. Saturday Only! Until the dough was gone. We would regularily make 2500 to 3500 pizzas, at times maxing out the ovens, and the staff, back to back to back to back and so on 300 pie hours. With a line out the door, and around the block. It was a real fun time, cause all the big wigs, and every manager within the District Marketing Area had to be there so it was kind of like an Amish Barn Raising. We would have Regional V.P. slapping dough, and Area Managers Bannerwaving. It was corporate pizza at its finest.

PJs was basically the same thing.