Best demographic for highest ROI on a flier drop?

I am curious what everybody finds to be the best age/sex/income group for mass mailer/flier drops?

I understand this changes depending on area but I am curious about your experience.

I have found that age 20-40 is the best demographic with 40+ ordering with far less frequency
in my area I have found no difference between sex. Income I have found that at certain times of the month it is better to do flier drops in different areas for instance: drops in low income areas in the middle of the month yield good results. Presumably because they get paid and have cash on hand with no bills due.

Other times of the month I try and hit family areas with higher household income (except during upcoming long weekends).

What other strategies do you employ for increasing your return on investment from fliers?

We really do not have the possibility to slice up our mailings in that way due to the nature of a small town and how postal routes are designed (and the fact that a LOT of our postal addresses are PO Boxes).

Looking at the demographic information for our facebook fans I can tell you that our best age bracket is clearly 25-34 and our next three best demographics are 35-44 followed by 18-24 and then 45-54 but those three are pretty similar. Based on that, if I could do it, I would be willing to target the 25-44 range if I could.

Of those numbers are a combination of the interest in our business and how likely people of various ages are to be active on facebook. We have 54% women vs 46% men but there is a bit more variation inside the age brackets.

What I can do, and have done is target home owners vs renters. We have a ton of turn over in a resort town and the homeowners are the long term steady customers if you can get them. To that end, we have used the assessor’s office records to identify home owners in our delivery area and mail them particularly good offers.