Best Dishwasher for 60 qt bowls & sheetpans???

What is the best Dishwasher to wash 60 qt mixer bowls and full sheet pans along with all of the other flatware and dishes that need to be washed during the day and night. We are having a hard time keeping up with the demand and now need two dishwashers to handle the demand. - Thanks in advance, Dave W.

never saw a dishwasher that big.

I have no idea what the make/model of our dishwasher is (I will look tomorrow and post it), but it fits our 60qt bowl and full sheet pans.

Both need to be put in without a rack, and the sheet pans are propped up on an angle, but we make it work. The 60qt fits with room to spare.

With ours the sheet pans are placed into a special rack and the rack is removed to accomodate the mixing bowl. It’s a big one. I’ll try to get information on it. To be honest with you, unless we have an awful lot of sheet pans we normally just wash them in the sink. It’s faster. And seldom have we ever washed a mixing bowl in it. Again, it’s just faster to do it in the sink.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

The pan washer that we have is made by LVO Manufacturing, Rock Rapids, Iowa (800-346-5749) It is Model # FL 14 S, it operates off of 3-phase, 208 volts, and draws 54 amps. Requires a 70 amp breaker. It stands about 8-feet tall, or a little more.
Like I said, it’s kinda big, larger than a bread box, but a little smaller than a Volkswagon (standing on end).
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

HI WoodysBOP

Champion make several models pot pan et all dish washers.

George Mills