Best door hanger company?

What company are you using for top quality doorhangers? Please include web site.


If you order in bulk, you can get a good deal from Henry Wurst in Kansas City, Mo. They do all the print for Domino’s Pizza. However, I decided to go with magnets from magpac down in Florida. They were 10.9 cents a piece and it just made business sense to spend the same amount of money with a magnet included. This is the same company Jim Foxx uses for his “Foxx’s Pizza Den” corporation.

Good info J_R, Thanks.

do door hangers bring in more business than mailing? obviously you save postage with doorhangers but which is more effective?

I’ve used the magpac magnet mailers diecut with a hole as doorhangers. Definatly a better return than regular cardstock doorhangers. Because of the price though I usually only order these once in a while, and get my regular doorhangers from Century Printing, also in Florida. Check them out at or call John at 800-374-2679.