best dough trays ? What do you use ?

currently use MFG fiberglass 3 x18 x24, good but expensive, any luck with Cambro, or other polyurethane ? equipping new shop trying to save,

I got a pile of the cheapies from Webstaurant store, they are flimsy, they do not want to nest tightly if you do not pay attention to what you’re doing. But they work great for us.

I had a few cambro brand dough boxes here, They are very sturdy, Almost over engineered IMO, I stopped using the cambro’s because my dishwasher lost the lids (How?)
And the ribbing on the outside of the boxes seemed to be a gunk magnet in the corners and I got tired of telling the dishwashers to get them cleaner.

John: We have used these cambro boxes for years and they work great. The cheaper models don’t seal tight and the dough will dry out on you. There is no issue with cleaning them in our 3 compartment sink(don’t have a dishwasher). We use a plastic scraper to get the dough out and make sure you put the lid in the cooler with the boxes if you are cross stacking them or the warmer lid will not fit down tight till it cools some. Walter

Buy the good ones, fiberglass not plastic, there is a huge difference in the insulation factor and durability. The cambro boxes work great.

Lids? Never seen one. What do you use them for? We just stack the nested trays and use an empty one on top.

Cleaning goes much faster if you pour a bit of warm water in each tray (must be stacked) when you put them in the dish area to wait for cleaning. That way any leftover dough in the tray just wipes/rinses out when cleaning.

Agree with Bodegahwy, We use the Cambro trays and just use a empty tray on top to cover them. And we use the same technique for cleaning, just alittle warm water, let it sit for abit stacked and it will cut cleaning to almost nothing.

Tho, it also helps if your dough docker actually cleans the trays as he finishes them off :slight_smile:

We use the Dough Mate trays. We used the cambro ones originally but they did not last. All the corners broke at some point. We have Dough Mate trays that have been in use for 20 years and I have never thrown one out.

I’m ordering another batch here in a couple of months

David- the plastic or fiberglass ones ?

The MFG boxes are the best in my opinion.

George Mills

I use the plastic ones. The fiberglass ones all broke at the corners and are long gone.