Best Electric Deck Oven?

I have a used Pizzamaster 933 that I got a killer deal on. I am opening a new store, and am seeking advice on a comparable electric oven that won’t set me back $45,000.

Any thoughts on what the best performing electric deck ovens are? Our Pizzamaster is pretty impressive.

We used gas decks for many years, but the move to Pizzamaster is not something we regret.

WOW, I didn’t even know those things existed. You gotta sling alotta pies to pay for that thing. I bet you don’t even have to spin the pies.

Yea, it works pretty great, but I just can’t really afford it! I got my first one used for 1/2 price.

I’m really interested in that oven but I can’t figure out who carries them in the US. I’m looking for that exact model, a Canadian website is selling them at what equivalents to around 35-37k usd