Best Email Marketing Platform

Anyone have a good email marketing platform they use? Constant Contact comes to my mind first, but any others? I’m not exactly great with graphics and would take hours to find my way through Photoshop.

We use Fishbowl. I rarely use it but when I do it works well. It’s inexpensive, easy to set up and has good looking emails.

Thanks I’ll take a look. Was on your desktop website last night. Was that considered a custom job by Brygid? Setup looks similar to mine but I like the little changes you had made with cart, locations, etc

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At the end of the day most emails service are very similar…I use MailChimp and build my own emails without using their templates…

We also use MailChimp. They have tiered pricing. Lots of apps that you can integrate with. We like it a lot.

They consider it custom but they are all similar. I’ve had them tinker with it over the years.

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We use Mailchimp. I like it alot.

I just post on our facebook page when something of interest comes up. It gets a lot of positve feedback. We haven’t paid a dime for advertising since opening and are busier than heck. Being the top rated pizzeria in Reno has really helped business lately. Edible Reno Tahoe magazine did an interview with us today for the Nov issue. Luckily we are proving the critics wrong in that we can run an old school mom/pop pizzeria on limited hours and make a living. I sent an invite to President Obama to have lunch on us as he will be in Tahoe at the end of the month. You never know … :slight_smile: Walter

Facebook seems to have worn off or maybe I’m just not utilizing it correctly. I’ve posted videos and done well with that exposure but since Facebook made people start actually following your page to show it in the news feed, views have dropped big time

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Only a fraction of folks that like your page will see your feed…

Even when you pay to promote the post.

Daddio not sure if that was a question or not…When you boost a post it is targeted to a certain type of FaceBook crowd…You can target your likes if you select it that way. or target other random groups…At least that is how I understand it…

It was a statement rather than a question. You can target them but there is no guarantee a boosted post will reach your intended target.

We don’t pay attention to numbers of views and such. What we do notice is when I post something like selling bread today on facebook people come in to buy it saying they saw it on our facebook page. Between that and having a 5 star rating on Yelp brings in lots of new customers each day. I think the bottom line is finding ones nitch and then no paid advertising/specials/coupons/discount programs are needed to be successful. Old school mom/pop shops with the owners on site during all open hours, and also making all the products with decades of experience is a rare thing today but in my youth in NJ/NYC it was the norm and they flourished without any paid advertising. We have no real competition in our city with the style pizza we do. It is a good time to be old school in the mega shops/franchise pizza world of today :slight_smile:

We use promoted posts on FB quite a bit. I generally set up a post featuring a specialty pie with a picture to appear to women between 28-50 who live in out town limits and set the time for 48 hours with a $20 budget. That will typically generate about 1500-2000 views and a good number of clicks etc.

I will also do posts on other local businesses with a picture of us sending them free pizza recognizing them. These are very popular posts. I will generally target them more widely with a bit higher budget.

FB is not a good transaction driver. The purpose of advertising like this is name recognition and differentiation.