Best flour for cracker thin tavern style pizza?

Ive used so many different flours but have found the Caputo blue bag work the best with a low hydration. Comes out super light and crisp. Does anyone have bay suggestions on a domestic flour they like for this type of pizza just curious like to play around with different recipes. Thanks

if your doing 40% hydration, and using a dough roller. pizza hut in the 70’s and 80’s just used all purpose flour.

This is going to depend on how you’re cooking the pizza as well. Conveyor: time and temp? Or deck?

I use a deck oven at around 500 degrees. They seem to come out better with a slower bake.

We use around 45% hyd and a acme sheeter,
we use bouncer Hi Gluten flour with great results
and Bloggett deck ovens @ 550°
bouncer much cheaper than 00

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