Best Fryer oil?

Just getting into deep frying… mainly wings and a few apps. What oil is best? Does anyone out there still use beef tallow or a blend of oil and tallow?

I use Canola, Not the salad one though, the one designed for deep fry. It does not foam up.

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I use clear canola oil for deep frying as well. Try different oils. The food reacts differently to them. Fries vs mozzarella sticks vs wings may like creamy oil better. Keep playing with it until you find one with the best balance of price vs longevity vs product quality.

Here are my thoughts,

•Beef tallow M-V shoertening just isn’t worth it anymore. It comes in a 50lb solid cube, therefore making it difficult to add fryer oil Midday if needed.
It will resolidify in your waste receptacle when the cold seasons come making it impossible for your waste company to pump out.

•This is what you do…buy the cheapest frying oil you can have delivered to you.
I have tried them all, they all breakdown at the same rate because its not the amount of food you are cooking. The more important factor that leads to oil breakdown is the temp and time you have your fryer at.

•What we do is, every night we discard about 30lbs of oil total from our 2 fryers.
Then we filter the remaining oil and add fresh oil to the fill line.
This keeps our fried food consistent day after day.

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30 lbs out of a total of how many lbs? Trying to figure out what percentage …Thanks everyone for the feedback

Drain your oil in to whatever you use to discard and keep 30-40% in the vat.

Filter that.

Then add fresh oil to fill line.