Best menu offer - ever!

Hi folks

Anyone like to share what there best menu offer is - I’m del/co (not seats) my top offers are currently:

  1. collection special (any pizza - upto 5 toppings) 8.99
  2. Sunday special collection - BOGOF on large
  3. Early week special (MTW) - any pizza 9.99 + free side (not chicken)
  4. buy any pizza get one half price
  5. Meal deal - 16.99 large pizza, wedges, chicken (6), small garlic bread and large pop

Anyone care to share whats really worked for them?


…that’ll be no-one then? :frowning:

I’d offer to answer, but our model is not built around specials, and we don’t have them very often. A fun one we had a couple years ago was a 2-4-6 special that was 2 pizzas-4 toppings any way you wanted to split them - and a 6pak of soft drinks . . . . 16" for 26.00 . . . . 12" for 22.00 . . . . 10" for 15.75(our ten inch is intentionally priced with thinner margins).

Had to look back at records for it. We sell several signature pizzas pre-determined toppings that are less than building it yourself, but that is everyday, and not so much what I thought you were talking about. Sorry no one else has hopped in for you.

Maybe this thread isn’t calling to as many people right now who are gearing up for Super Bowl weekend after the Las Vegas Pizza show earlier this week.