Best Method for Wrapping Brisket

I’ve been experimenting with cooking brisket, but I’m struggling to find the best method for wrapping it. I’ve tried aluminum foil, butcher paper, and even leaving it unwrapped, but each time I encounter different results in terms of moisture retention, bark formation, and overall flavor.

Can the community share their experiences and recommendations for the most effective brisket wrapping technique?

We do 30 pounds of brisket a week for one of our specialty pizzas. Personally I use a Trager pellet grill and do not wrap. Put in and 12 hours later I got a nice bark and a moist brisket.

I’m curious as to what your smoking on and what are the reasons for looking for the best method? Do you not like any of the results? If so, what is it you don’t like about it?

It could be more about the rub than methods so any additional information could help.

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I want to know community experiences who they deal with brisket.

Basically, it’s all about wrapping your brisket in either aluminum foil or butcher paper about halfway through the cooking time. This usually happens when the meat hits around 150-160°F internally. Now, aluminum foil really locks in moisture and can speed up cooking, but it might soften the bark a bit.

On the other hand, butcher paper lets the brisket breathe a bit more, keeping that beautiful bark intact while still keeping things juicy. So, it’s a bit of a trade-off depending on what you’re aiming for, but both methods help the brisket cook more evenly and taste delicious.