Best of Awards

I just want to brag a little. But, it would be good to hear how others have taken advantage of Best Of awards.
And it’s our 2nd anniversary today. $2 slices all day…

Best Pizza in Silicon Valley 2008 - Metro Magazine … -0838.html
Last year it was best new restaurant (funny because we don’t really have seating) and pizza … -0739.html

Best pizza 2008 - Wave Magazine … ame=rc_din


I can certainly relate to your story of leaving NY and missing a Slice…

Left NJ…missed my Slice and doing it up in NWA:)

Congrats on your 2nd year Anniversary!

Hey Thanks! My buddy is actually the guy that moved out from New York though. People are here love him for it now…

That is Awesome! Congrats! I bet it makes all that hard work worth it!