"Best of" online polls

Has anyone had a “best of” poll help or hurt them?

I would guess that winning gives you some bragging rights, but do customers care?

As I posted a couple of weeks ago, we have one going on that our local newspaper put up. We are hoping to win it and are doing facebook posts to direct our fans to it.

If you are so inclined, you can go to the poll at this link:
http://survey.constantcontact.com/surve … /questions)

If you do, please vote for Soda Creek Pizza under best pizza and for our other business Zirkel Trading under men’s clothing.

It helped us. We have gotten 2nd place two years in a row in the Houston area and have had many new customers come in stating that they found us because of the Best of Houston poll. We’ve had fun rallying the customers and the staff in getting votes for us. We wear VOTE FOR US badges, decorate the store in red-white-blue, boxtop it, Facebook, etc. Even though we haven’t gotten first place YET…it still looks good on print materials to state that we’ve been voted one of the Top 5 Pizza Shops in the Houston area.