"Best of" Poll

Well, the “Best of” poll I posted about has announced the preliminary results. There are about 20 places that serve pizza around here and we have been named one of the top three for best pizza. (We also made top three for our retail store) It will be another several weeks before they announce 1st, 2nd, 3rd.

I am very curious to see where it all shakes out and whether either of the other other top three are delivery pizzas. There are a couple of sit-down places that make a decent pie and I think there is really only one other delivery pizza that has any kind of following for quality but you never know.

Of course the paper wants to sell some advertising to go with the “podium” finish but I really wonder… I would hesitate to run an ad that touts coming in 3rd. To me that would beg the question of who came in 1st and 2nd? If I were in a city with hundreds of pizzarias it would be different, but in a small place with a small number of competitiors… What do you guys think?

I would wait till you are sure your #1.

My inclination is to run an ad that claims #1 if we get it, and an ad that does not talk about the poll at all if we do not. If we came in 2nd or 3rd but the other places were not delivery pizza I might claim best delivered pizza…

We have been using the slogan “Best in the 'Boat” in advertising for some time (We are located in Steamboat). Years before the poll came out with the same phrase. No plans to drop using it in any case.

Nothing wrong in claiming “finalist” status


we have been best of 3 years in a row and yes the paper will absolutely want you to do a little advertising and dont think they wont be back suggestion you do a little thank you piece as well

If we win this, since it was an online poll… I think we can thank our FB efforts over the last year. (not to mention a few TT supporters that voted for us!)