Best option for new Conveyor oven?

We are in the process of moving to a larger space, and will be upgrading our ovens and walk in cooler to match. We currently use a double stack Lincoln Impinger 1450. They are old, but have gotten the job done so far.

Prior to opening my independent DELCO, I was an area supervisor for one of the big 3, and used Middleby Marshall with them. I have also seen several advertisements and some amazing warranties with XLT and EDGE ovens.

Does anyone have any recommendations or suggestions as to quality for the price of any of these?

I have had my Edge Wide Body Double Stack 60’s for approx 5yrs with absolutely no issues. Labor issues, High Utility costs, & Inconsistent baking all gone. Have had stone decks, air decks, Roto-flex ovens over the last 35yrs and have not looked back

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I had a conversation with @Tom_Lehmann the Dough Doctor when I was looking for new ovens. My recollection of his answer is “If you put the names of the main three manufacturers into a hat your would do good with which ever name your draw.” I chose Edge for my store.

I agree with @famousperry on all accounts. I have had my Edge60 ovens for nearly 10 years.

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EDGE ovens are awesome!! I went from bakers pride to Edge last year.
Terry set up a test bake with a pizzeria already using Edge. Mark came out to California and gave us a live tutorial of the ovens in action with OUR products!! The ovens and support is amazing. Here’s the kicker!
NOT ONE customer noticed the difference between the deck oven and Edge oven. And we have been in business for over 50 years!!
These ovens are so consistent it’s amazing!

Chris Guerrera


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I’ve been using EDGE last 6 years. Great ovens & customer service and their Warranty in unheard of in the food equipment industry

Need to upgrade from Lincoln 1000s to edge 3860s. Really need that extra width before fall

I would recommend Edge ovens as well. I just upgraded to their new 3270’s and absolutely love them. Best cooking ovens I’ve had.

Do you mind if I ask what Deck Oven you were using prior to switching to Edge? Considering doing the same! Thanks