Best Pizza Competition

Recently a lot of TT’s voted for us in The Best Takeaway Pizza in Perth which led us into the final 5 voting. Unfortunately they changed the voting to include names and adresses etc, all restricted to Australia.
Last Thursday was the presentation night (along with 7 other categories), but alas we did not win the trophy. They only read out the nominees and the winner so we have no idea where we came but getting there was great.
The flow through of new customers since this competition started, and especially in the 3 week long final voting period where we were mention numerous times on radio as a finalist, has seen increases in our sales of around $2k per week.
Our front end people are telling us of new customers coming in night after night after hearing of us on the radio. We are now seeing them as return customers.
One thing that came to the attention of the radio station running the awards was that we were box topping flyers about voting for us. They thought the idea was (in their words) “BRILLIANT !!!”
The eventual winner was Theo of Little Caesars (nothing to do with LC in USA) who has twice won the World Pizza Championships in Las Vegas plus numerous other awards. His profile is so high with him doing TV segments, country tours, owning 3 stores and opening more, having his own pizza book published etc. We were a single store up against a “brand” so I think we did well, if i say so myself.
Again thanks to all who voted initially to get us to the finals.
Hopefully this exposure was the catalyst to that next step in major growth.


Congrats Dave!

[size=5]You da’ [/size][size=1]old, fat, balding, cranky[/size] [size=5]Man![/size]

What Nick said :smiley:

ya should of let us know, this internet thing has more lies on it than us being from Austraila :twisted: