Best pizza prep table company?

Could I get some recommendations on who makes the best pizza prep table? Any advice appreciated. Even who to stay away from would be helpful.

We have been happy with our True prep table. Bought it used about 4-5 years ago and has been trouble free. We did add speed rails and catch trays to the configuration it came with.

Owning a couple of other True products for 15 years I can tell you that in the rare occasion of them needing to be serviced that parts were easy to obtain and every tech is familiar with working on them.

The only product I cannot recommend has the name 'Ascend" on it. I got a smaller sandwich prep cooler of that brand, and I had to have pan seperators custom made to fit it, the “Ascend” company is done & gone, I believe it was a chinese import marketed under different brand names. Cleaning the coils required me to pull the entire compressor unit out to get at them, and the entire design was poor at best. You get what you pay for.
I would suggest looking at the advertisers on PMQ,
My experience with the True & Traulsen brands have both been good, especially when you need parts such as door slide rails and door closing mechanisms

I am partial to True as well. I have used several others. I have had no problems with my true coolers. I have continental coolers that have broken several times and their design is poor. I just ordered 3 more true coolers for my new fundraiser kitchen. I paid more to get them because I know they will hold up well.

The oldest cooler I have is a true (16 yrs old)!

Thanks. I was leaning toward true brand but wanted to double check. True it is for me.

Just back from Pizza Expo & was looking for something to replace my 10yr old 10’ pizza prep table. Got it down to the Marsal Supreme unit with the raised rail and 30"deep clear counter with stone top vs the Delfield double rail table. I think the Marsal is more practical from a pizza-making perspective b/c the top rail is angled more but the Delfield seems to be engineered more with refrgeration in mind and holds twice as much in the same footprint. Any other recommendations?

I like my 93" Randell but after seeing both the Randell and Marsal with the raised rails I’m not sure I could ever consider either of them. If I was making all the pizzas there would be no problem. My sister in law was with us as we walked the show floor and she could not reach the bottom of the pans. She’s 5’6" or so and I quite often have employees that short or worse.

The Randeell and Marsal with the raised rails require the worker to keep raising their arms to sholder height and higher. Operators have told me workers get exhausted.

I have sold La Rosa prep tables for over forty years. They are the most reliable units we have ever sold.
At the recent Pizza Expo and as in past shows ppppeople stoped and said they had purchased a La Rosa from me 27 -20 - 16 years ago and they are still useing them.

George Mills

I was at the show also and I truly fell in love with the Delfield double rail, I saw it from 20 metres away and it literally drew me right in. I convinced myself if I ever replace my pizza table it’s going to be for that unit.

I may be late to the party but…

How are you stretching dough? We have the marsal supreme, very practical for us. The 30 inch work space is like having a large marble table to work on. I couldn’t imagine having a 20 inch peel on an 18 inch work surface.

My arms don’t get tired reaching up and the sauce well is cooled and in a practical location.

So the question is- are you running 16 inch dough balls through a press then on a screen? If not I would suggest the extra table space. Nothing like throwing 10 doughs on the table at once and pounding.

so decided on the Delfield…could get more ingredient storage in a 72" unit compared to my current 119". It might get tight with 2 guys at peak times but we can always add a small worktop unit after the fact and just fill the void for now with a worktop fridge. Liked the Marsal, especially the countertop space & material, but need more storage in the rail and think the Delfield had better refrigeration