Best Pizza Slice Display Unit

For those of you that sell pizza by the slice, what type of display unit do you use. I want to sell 4 different types.

I use one from Star manufacturing. Holds up to a 16" and has room for 4 pies as well as a humidifier to keep the slices from drying out

I use a Doyon DRP4. It will hold 4 pies up to 20"

We use several Hatco warmers. They hold four pies, good digital temp control and humidity. Easy to dissassemble the rack for leaning.

We use a Hatco unit too. It has excellent temperature and humidity controls.
Take a look in the last issue of PMQ for my article on pizza slices. We are planning to demonstrate this approach in out upcoming Practical Pizza Production class here next week. The participants will also be able to visit a store that has been successfully using this method for several months now.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Do any of you guys have a model number for the hatco units?

Ours is a Model FDW-1.
Tom Lehmann/TDD

Could that be FDWD-1? I could not find it without the other D . . . I guess it could be a later model not found for sale now that they have a new one.

Ichecked the tag again, FDW-1 is all it says for model. They might have well changed something on the unit and designated it with a variant of th emodel number. Holds 4 pizzas, temperature and humidity controlled. A pretty basic unit, but it does the job.
Tom Lehmann/TDD