Best Place to get Fridge Magnets

Hey All -

Where do you think the best place to get Fridge Magnets produced is? I need to get 5000 or so produced in fairly short order…

Let me know…


I currently use[/url] and have used in the past and been satisfied with [url=][/url] and [url=]

I have gotten magnets from Royce that contributes here on the Think Tank. They are good quality and price. You can see the magnets he made for me if you go here and scroll down the the sixth line of magnets.

Hey Daddio…

Thanks for the mention…

And Jay, if I can help, I would appreciate the opportunity…I would be happy to send you my “Under a Dollar (U$) Idea Kit” at no charge if you provide your street address… (or anyone else that wants one)…

Thanks, Royce…

I like Magnetic Attractions in NC. I’ve used them a few times on a couple of differnt projects. I deal with a girl named Christina… 800-421-3251 if interested!

I use

quick turnaround, professional, and good pricing

they did a great job on calendar magnets that we do for the local elementary schools that has our information on it since we pay for them…saved alot of money using them this year

i’ve mentioned" magnetic attractions" once before…great service…fair pricing…thick mags…reordered 2x since last post


we just got our magnets in from in south Florida (1-866-345-22210…took about 9 days…heavy duty magnet quality…process color & oversize 4"x4" for $.20/ea…did a fine job!!!

they also sent sample of full color magnet print of wild animals - man great detail…I’ll use them again 4 sure…

Make sure the magnet can hold stuff up.

I read there are certain degrees in strength. One that can hold important papers.

The ones that hold our kids game schedules are looked at more then the ones we put on the side of refrig.

I am sure most of you have seen this but I will repost because it suits the topic at hand.

These are some things I have observed about fridge magnets from the hundreds you have sent for my little magnet project.

  • Important things like name and phone number should be readable from five feet away (about the distance from counter to fridge)
  • Highly contrasting lettering and backgrounds show up best
  • Thicker magnets are better to a point (not all magnets are created equal)
  • Keep it simple (it is a magnet not a menu)
  • Custom shapes tend to catch your eye
  • Black print on full color is hard to read (white is much easier)

hey Royce,
can ya shoot a quote for 5000?
and one for custom shape 5000?
Its about that time for me to re-order
also if ya have time to drop me the under a dollar
address is
Rockstar Pizza
19 north green street
Brownsburg In 46112