Best Places to get Signs?

Hi there,

I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for a great place to get some top of the line signs? maybe a 3D Sign, Something that looks like a franchise Or even some of the plastic slide in’s into the light boxes.

Anyone happy with their sign people? If so, give me some links to their companies!


I opened last year so recently went through finding signs. I regret not finding someone local, that is my best advice. The ballasts went bad after 6 months and in order to warranty I needed to mail them back to the company and since they are four hours away they would not send someone down for service without a charge.

I agree with Paradox; your sign is something you should be purchasing locally. There’s no way I would order a sign and have it shipped in without the sign company ever visiting my location.

Also, a local sign company is going to be completely familiar with your city’s codes and will design a sign to fit them.

You might get a more helpful response if you listed where you are.