Best POS System for Takeout and Delivery Only

First time posting here and looking for experienced POS user advice.
I am opening a pizza place in Boston that will be delivery and take out only, no sit down.
Would like to have integration with grubhub but not sure if that is even possible with the system or if you always have to use grubhubs tablet on the side.
What would you recommend? Looking to invest in a workable system but also not break the bank.


Welcome :slight_smile:

Here are few things to consider:
Grubhub will take up to 30% of your sales!!!

Just a suggestion, you’ll be better off using an online ordering solution that is provided by the POS Company, or at least works with them directly, and drive all your online traffic to your site instead of some portal!
BEST POS + BUDGET FRIENDLY - From my experience these two factors don’t blend together in most cases!
You’ll need to know what exactly want from the software (Write down a list of features essential for your business)
You’ll need to know your budget. Where to start and how far are you willing to go. (If you’re looking for financing options, for example, leasing, etc.)
You’ll need to have a plan about your CC Processing. (Many POS will request to do the processing for you, and some will have it as a requirement)

Anyways, here are few POS options to start your research:
[]If you want the best and don’t care about cost, then you’ll look at foodtec.
]If you want the best but do care about cost, look at speedline.
[*]If you want good and budget friendly, then look at point of success.
Full disclosure! I am a POS reseller, but I have no affiliation with any of the companies mentioned above.
Also, I would suggest to schedule a demo with any company so you can see the product in action, and get a pretty good idea of what the software can do and if it can cover your needs. That way, you can gather all information needed and compare side by side to get the best solution, in the best price!

Be advised: Do not click the link on my signature looking for POS software! This is only a concept and not a product!

Best of luck in your search.

if you read into posts of this board you will find two schools of thought on the subject. the do it yourselfers like to buy their own hardware and use Point Of Success. The one stop shoppers prefer Speedline. they both have pluses and minuses and there are people here that prefer other systems. and honestly there are a ton of great systems…I would suggest mining the threads of this community and you will learn a lot about POS systems in general.

Also there a revolution going on right now with cloud based pos systems, that change the game, with affordable monthly fees instead of large upfront costs. I would definitely look into those because depending on what you need 8 to 25 thousand is a big nut to chew.

Thanks for your replies. Definitely looking into options mentioned above and seeking out demos. Are there some examples of cloud based POS that you could share?


they started coming out just after I invested in a system so I don’t know much about the different companies doing them…I do have a friend that used to work for Toast POS. he no longer does but he said it was a great system for a smaller shop. apparently the real value comes in when you only need 1 or 2 terminals. The monthly fee is based on number of terminals. also, he did confess it wasn’t the best option for delivery service. I would suggest you do some research and find something that fits your needs.