Best Refrigeration brand

Our equipment is well maintained. We’ve been with True on the last few purchases but we’re in the market for a 3 door refrigerated cooler. The True brand is to deep to fit. I’m looking for longest lasting most dependable not cheapest.

Exactly what depth do you have room for?
George Mills

32" deep

Have had good luck with continental and bev air. Not sure if they have equipment to meet your specs but worth checking out

I really like our Randell unit. We also have several Continentals that work great, just have an extra hinge assembly on hand as they (the hinges) tend to break every couple years. Every thing that matters on the continental is dependable and the hinges aren’t too expensive when you fix them yourself (5-10 minute job).

I have a turbo air double door cooler and pizza table with the self cleaning compressors. They work fine but next time I will be going back to true. The self cleaning compressor thing is a nice idea but the screen gets extremely gummed up and is a tiny bit of a pain to remove. Also my pizza table has been holding way too cold. Gotta look if it needs thawed out for a few hours…