Best selling items

I am looking for advice about what Vendors provide the best prices. I am looking for everything from cheese, sauces, topping, ect… Any information is much appreciated.

Generally speaking, when you are first starting out independents will give you the best prices but they will not have the variety of product. Prices can also vary from region to region from salesman to salesman. Unless you are doing some volume you really don’t have much leverage to get the best prices with the big guys.

You can comparison shop here but you will have to negotiate your own prices with your own region and salesman.

Going it alone has got to be the hardest way possible.
See if the other pizzerias, or even resturants have formed a Buying Coop.
With 20 guys, you can buy Freightload prices from SAMS, and twist some arms
from the regular distributors.

I’m actually trying to get some people together here in the SouthWest, and order 0.25 - 0.30 cent (delivered)B-fluted pizza boxes w/2 color printed tops with your topper on them from China. Minimum per person order is only 3000, because we have several people in one order.
After we get the Utah people together, I’ll let you know how it went. Maybe Vegas can do the same thing.