Best sides/extras without a deep fryer

We have recently opened our pizzeria food truck and it is going great. We currently have a fairly small menu (6 pizzas; 11" and 16" sizes). Our customers are asking if we sell any sides/extras. We only have the oven to cook in. What are your most popular sides/extras that you have on your menu?

We used to do oven Fries when we did not have a fryer. Wings are also pretty good cooked in the oven. Not crispy but still good

I should add that we have a full kitchen on the premises that we operate as a basic restaurant, we have a fryer etc in their but its too awkward run chips up etc from there during service. However we could use the fryer to pre-cook items that only needed to be reheated in the oven.

  1. Knots, 2) Wings — both oven-based, both par-baked and finished in a few minutes in the oven. Knots in a third of the time of wings or a pie.

What is the best way to make garlic knots?

We never got what we were after using our leftover crust dough, which is the usual practice. Since we need to serve them up super-fast we opted to have a local bakery par-bake our proprietary recipe and deliver them to us once or twice weekly. We use a TurboChef to finish baking (:35) or our pizza ovens (2.30-3:00).image