Best sides/extras without a deep fryer

We have recently opened our pizzeria food truck and it is going great. We currently have a fairly small menu (6 pizzas; 11" and 16" sizes). Our customers are asking if we sell any sides/extras. We only have the oven to cook in. What are your most popular sides/extras that you have on your menu?

We used to do oven Fries when we did not have a fryer. Wings are also pretty good cooked in the oven. Not crispy but still good

I should add that we have a full kitchen on the premises that we operate as a basic restaurant, we have a fryer etc in their but its too awkward run chips up etc from there during service. However we could use the fryer to pre-cook items that only needed to be reheated in the oven.

  1. Knots, 2) Wings — both oven-based, both par-baked and finished in a few minutes in the oven. Knots in a third of the time of wings or a pie.