Best Source For Replacement Stones?

can anyone here recommend a great source for replacement stones for stone-deck ovens and is there a composite that the pros prefer? i have heard that rokite and transite ht are among the best - any thoughts? also, what thickness yields the best results?

i spoke to a baker of 30+ years experience and he recommended that i also add a layer of common bricks to the top of the deck stones - just lay them on top. he said that this produces a greater heat and does wonders for recovery time. has anyone hear ever heard of this?

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no one? then can those here using a deck ovens tell me what sort of stones they are using in them? is anyone here using deck ovens withouts stones, i.e., just baking pies on the steel deck?

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I’d check with the manufacturer first, then maybe check with a fire brick supplier. We have both types of ovens and there is a slight variation in the golden brown color of the crust, but the product is still great.
Also, keep your stones clean… it makes a huge difference

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here is a place I used: